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We're excited about our new and improved website! If you are new around here, then welcome, and if you are a returning friend, then welcome back. Just take a look around as some things have changed. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns, praises, suggestions, or questions. We love to hear from people as it will only continue to allow us to grow and help more and more students across the globe. Enjoy. 

Announcing the 2017 Tackle Your Dreams Bruncheon

and Scholarship Competition on February 4th, 2017!

Everyone wants the USA to be "Great Again", but what are we doing personally to ensure that? We all have jobs and commitments, but Tackle Your Dreams has taken up the task of preparing the minds of the next generation to be resilient, resourceful, and able to prepare for their future.  How can you help us help America? Support us through volunteering and charitable, tax deductible donations.. Our first big event is happening onFebruary 4th, 2017. This year we are doing a live scholarship competition where you decide who will be getting the benefit of your donation! 

This is the first year of our Fundraiser Bruncheon and we ask for your help as we advocate the power of self-belief in higher education. By responding to this email, you can help give students the chance to dream and achieve! Our first stab at exposing youth to the power of belief and preparation is a scholarship competition hosted by Tackle Your Dreams..  where the finalists of our scholarship competition will be competing through speech - and you all will be the final judges so you can witness first hand where and how your donations will be used.  All finalists will get free coaching from Coach Kita

Team up with us on February 4th at 905 Austin Rd. in Hempstead, TX as we launch the dream with Tackle Your Dreams LLC.   Although planning is underway, we are asking you to reserve your seat and stay connected with us as we secure more details and forward them to you!.  For brunch, the Doors open at 10:30 as we open our silent auction and networking reception.  This is a business casual family event.

We are asking a donation of $25 per ticket and you can choose from Chicken and Waffles or Steak and Eggs and all plates include Sarah's Signature tea, Hashbrowns, and quiche! 

To purchase tickets to the Bruncheon Click here!  

$250 Scholarship Competition Details!

In an attempt to walk the walk and talk the talk, we are putting on our own scholarship

competition and Coach Kita has agreed to help all the applicants take their entry to the

next level and show you what her services are all about! This year the theme is

"Tackling the Competition!" Students will be answering two questions:

Essay Entry: What are five things you need in order to be prepared for college? As this is an

essay question, please describe all 5 things with 250- 350 words. Your personal statement will

be judged on its content and your writing style. 

There is also a video entry: What are three things you can do to be competitive against other students when applying for college admission? This is a video answer question that should be 3-5 minutes. 

Click here for the link for the application and get started!

This is the first annual Tackle Your Dreams Scholarship Competition.  The deadline for round 1 applications is midnight January 15th, 2017.  The students who finish in the top 3 will compete in a speech competition on February 4th at the Tackle Your Dreams Bruncheon. Students enrolled in 6th grade- 12th grade and Freshman in college are eligible to compete. Only one entry per student, so check it twice! All students are welcome to get assistance with their application from Coach Kita by contacting her at CoachKita@tackleurdreams.com.  Be sure to answer all questions completely to be the most competitive! Good Luck!

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