What people are saying

"In working as an intern for The Foundation Builders I was a Communication and Social Media Marketing specialist. This experience was great for me, I had an opportunity to use initiative in my job. This taught me basic workplace competencies, interacting with members of the organization. Now, I am in South Carolina, currently attending College of Charleston. I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in Communication. There are tons of marketing messages out there today. My goal with The Foundation Builders was to be resourceful with social media so that our message of the importance of education revolution would be seen as a primary reason for most young people to succeed.

As a young leader myself, I have learned a lot, always striving for straight A's. Rising above that to become a member of the community with positive influence has emerged as a positive quality through dedication to my work here at The Foundation Builder Inc. A special thanks to Nakita Bowman for hiring me and helping me to develop the social media base with growing audiences." 

Joe Boughan, The Foundation Builders Intern, 2013

“Everything we need to be successful, we have already been blessed with. We just have to use our skills and talents to do it. Dream It! Think It! Ink It! Do It!" 

-Coach Kita

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Message from our Founder

I know I was called to make a career transition to psychology because of the need that I see to develop the next generation’s minds. My divine calling is greater than just being an engineer.  The ultimate American dream is not to go to school and get a good job, it is to go to school and create a good job for yourself— and that’s what I am modeling for my students by launching my non-profit organization (The Foundation Builders Innerprises LLC) on Feb. 1, 2016. I am blessed to be graduating with a Master’s Degree in Juvenile Forensic Psychology in December  and asking for a meaningful graduation present from all of my loved ones of a donation to help me launch my non-profit. 

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Coach Kita

"It has been a very delightful experience working as a media relations intern at the Foundation Builders. I enjoyed working on the team where everyone could express opinions freely and get their idea heard. Nakita is dedicated and enthusiastic about moving the company forward and is always easy going and I feel comfortable to work for her. She is an employer who supports subordinates toward competency and confidence through guidance direction and mentoring. Highly recommend her for those who love doing "real marketing".

Hysinyu (Elsa) Lee, The Foundation Builders Intern, 2012


Who we are

The Foundation Builders INNERprises is a 501-C-3 non profit organization with a mission to empower families, students, and teachers in the community with knowledge, so that our young adults can be successful with college, their careers, and all other areas of their lives. We also seek to provide educational consultant services for all people regardless of age, nationality, or gender to obtain information related to attending college and/or career training via scholarships, grants, service, networking and any other viable means.

What we do

Here at The Foundation Builders, our aim is to boost college enrollment, increase rates of graduation from high school and college, as well as shape open minds and productive members of society by establishing a foundation of planned professional development and entrepreneurship for the next generation. We do this through workshops, seminars, webinars and mentoring. We service families, individuals, parents, teachers, churches, schools, non-profit organization and anyone else that would like our assistance.

Where we came from

Our educational programs as well as company are based upon Ms. Bowman's 2008 book, “How to Build Wealth with Knowledge from Middle School to College: Learn To Profit From What You Didn’t Know”.