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A Review of How to Build Wealth with Knowledge

 In How to Build Wealth with Knowledge, the authors, Enoch and Nakita Bowman, present their view on how to profit from what you don’t know.  The book starts off with Nakita Bowman telling the reader about her experiences and how she used education to build her future.  In the book, Nakita tells how she used grants and scholarships to put her self through school and even had enough money from non-loan financial aid to purchase a car.

The book presents important information on how to apply to college, improve your chances for college acceptance, applying for financial aid, succeeding in college, and analysis of Ivy League schools and Historically Black Colleges and Universities and what to do if you drop out. As the subject of the book and the chapters are primarily centered on college, the title and byline cast a broader premise than what is contained the book. A review of How to Build Wealth with Knowledge, however, is that it is an excellent resource for people that aspire to attend college and parents of children that aspire to attend college.

How to Build Wealth with Knowledge wisely advises children and parents to start thinking about college from the sixth grade. If you wait until your junior year or senior year in high school for college, it may be too little too late., The book uses a very appropriate phrase to motivate you to start the college process early: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. So plan, plan plan!

 This book is especially important for readers that do not have the current resources to pay for the rising costs of college. I attended college and professional school and received a lot of money to attend, so I thought I knew all there was to know about obtaining money to attend college. I was wrong. How to Build Wealth with Knowledge taught me a thing or two about methods to obtain financial aid for college. Even if you have some experience or have already conducted some research on how to pay for college, this book will be a valuable resource for you.

 As a final note, as you know BetterMEBetterWE supports the diversity community, the Black and Latino community. That is why the site is in English and Spanish. This book is only in English, however, if you have someone that can translate the relevant portions of the book, it is still a worthwhile investment.

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Eric Guthrie

President and CEO



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