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Very outgoing and spiritual, she loves to work with people. Specifically those who are underserved, or as she has characterized them,  "the forgotten ones." Currently structuring her own organization appropriately entitled, Tackle Ur Dreams, she aims to give a voice to those who otherwise go unheard.        

She endeavors to continue traveling the world to educate young & old about the value   of education, understanding entrepreneurship, and professional development training that otherwise was thought to be out of reach. Contributing to the empowerment  and self-esteem of girls & young women, she also administers workshops providing  a steppingstone for "the forgotten ones." Ms. Bowman's last pursuit of achievement will be graduating with another Master’s in Human Science. Her first was accomplished in 2015 in Juvenile Forensic Psychology) and getting licensed by the State of Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Through the Foundation Builders she will help to  and open clinics and institutes for mental & physical health. All institutions that are much needed (especially in inner-city, urban communities). She also plans to invest, operate, and build a "Tiny House Village"  — empowering & employing architects, engineers,   and other technical tradespeople from diverse backgrounds to teach young high school and college apprentices various trades.

 She lives her life according to this:

“Life is an accumulation of events. Without them, you are amongst the walking dead. So get out in the world, and be brave enough to live creatively; on purpose.”

Meet Our Founder

Nakita Bowman, affectionately known as Coach Kita, is a native of Texas, and is an accomplished engineer & social entrepreneur. She received a full scholarship from the historically black university Prairie View A&M University for her Engineering Undergraduate degree. Additionally, she secured other scholarships totaling over $15,000. During her senior year in college, she studied for finals while simultaneously pondering over not one, but four job offers at different companies in her field.  

After graduating from Prairie View A&M University in 2009, she accepted a full-time position as a Quality Assurance Engineer at a well-respected & known company in Andover, Massachusetts. These experiences were the motivation for the book she co-wrote entitled How to Build Wealth with Knowledge from Middle School to College.  (Click here to purchase)