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We here at The Foundation Builders Innerprises have gathered information we think is relevant to our MVPs. If there is any information that you think would help us with our mission, please send us an email and share it with us! We want to spread as much useful information to our MVPs as possible. 

*College For All Texans

Although this website is specific to Texas, it has a lot of resources that anyone can use. 

College Prep: steps for success: The most important thing to remember about preparing for college is to start as soon as possible. It’s never too early to begin gathering information and to create a step-by-step plan. The following pages will help you get going, with info about choosing a college, the tests you need, the costs you can expect and more. By learning about the process now, you'll be less likely to have surprises pop up later. This website can be used to complete the Texas Common App and  compare different colleges. Visit their site here.


FAFSA 101: The Basics of Applying for the FAFSA

This special report gives the basics of what the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is, how to prepare it, and other tips for FAFSA success.

13 Steps to Prepare for College

This special reports outlines 13 Steps that youth of all ages can use as a guide to prepare for college while in High School.

Coach Kita's Playbook

Here are some free special reports written by Coach Kita to assist you on the process of applying to college. Feel free to read them and share with anyone who could use the information. 


College Preparation HQ:  Many resources explaining the process of applying to college and developing a career plan. although you can do it yourself, contact our coaches to provide individual help today!  Click here for more info:

* Gifted and Talented Youth and Student Athlete college preparation:  Talented youth need special preparation for college.  For tips and tricks click here to visit our Gifted and Talented site.

* How to Build Wealth with Knowledge from Middle School to College: This book and website gives a foundation on the college admission process. Click here for an overview or to order your copy!

* FastWeb.com : FREE Educational Scholarship Search Solution ; http://www.fastweb.com

* Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan ; http://SallieMae.com/SmartLoan ; 866.972.5004

* FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) ; http://www.fafsa.ed.gov

* BUMC Scholarship For Parents ; http://bu.edu/met/parentsscholarship

* Aid with tutoring in several subjects and study /time management skills.  Find a personal tutor: http://WyzAnt.com/Tutors/MDS_TutorPro

* Recycles.org ; http://recycles.org

* City of Boston ; http://www.cityofboston.gov/students/highschoolstudents.asp

* Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA) offers guidance about planning, saving, and paying for college. Applications can be submitted online at www.mefa.org or by phone. FMI: Call 800.449.6332.

 * IRS Tax Benefits for Education. The IRS offers the following education tax benefits  that can help to offset some college costs for students & parents: American Opportunity Credit, Hope Credit, Lifetime Learning Credit, Tuition & Fees Reduction, Student Loan Interest Reduction. These education benefits are subject to income limitations and may be reduced or eliminated depending on your income. For details & eligibility requirements,  go to:   http://www.irs.gov/uac/Tax-Benefits-for-Education:-Information-Center.